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How would a contribution be described on a bank statement?

For the safety and privacy of our students, descriptions of contributions on bank statements will not describe or list HFS, Hekate's Finishing School, or anything to do with witchcraft.

The notation is as a vague 'media education'. 

Anyone that makes a contribution WILL be sent a confirmation email and that confirmation email will include details on what to expect on your bank statement, which will display as something similar to 'media education'.  For privacy reasons, we don't list it here so that it doesn't come up in an online search.


If you contact the media company through the information provided on your receipt or bank statement, a person will be prompted to share the email associated with the account to request cancellation of any recurring payments will not detail any information on what the payments pertain to, only the ability to request cancellation of future charges. This is to protect the privacy of students around the world, where the backlash against being discovered as a witch can be unpredictable and endanger a person.

While we cannot promise that this 100% guarantees no one will discover what the contributions pertain to, we have done our absolute best to protect the safety and privacy of our students that are still in the broom closet.