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How do I get a full scholarship?

At HFS, anyone can enroll in our Full Scholarship program. No application or credit card required. 

 Of course, we are honored by HFS Founding Witches who make our Full Scholarship program possible. 


Enroll in the HFS Enrollment Information class, no payment or payment information required. 

All students enrolled in this class are reserving a seat with the Full Scholarship program.

The HFS Enrollment Information class is a free tour of the school that also serves as a wait list, based on when a student enrolled. While we hope to give all students Full Scholarships, if our website suffers stability issues, we will prioritize Founding Witches & Full Access students first, and then prioritize Full Scholarship students based on the order students are pre-enrolled.

Currently, we are still on track to approve all Full Scholarships thanks to the generous support of our Founding Witches.

To reserve your seat or find out more about HFS, enroll in the HFS Enrollment Info class here: