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What do I get by Pre-Enrolling or Enrolling today?

--------------------- Full Scholarship Pre-Enrollment ----------------

Full Scholarship students that pre-enroll are joining a 'wait list' which is a seat reservation system.

Should the school have any issues with stability, if you find we need to limit scholarships, etc., HFS will provide scholarship access on a first-come-first-serve basis. This will be based on the order that students pre-enrolls (or enrolls) based on the date / time stamp in our student portal.

By enrolling in the HFS Enrollment Tour, you are reserving your seat / place in line. No payment information required. 

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--------------------- Founding Witches ----------------

Founding Witches get early access to any and all classes, before anyone else. 

Founding Witches also get the ability to transfer their membership to any person of their choosing, for the life of the school not just the life of the witch.

No other memberships are transferable.

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