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Why is my Referral Reward still Pending?

If you have a referral stuck in pending for some time, it means that your friend has not completed the registration process at HFS and is not enrolled as a student.

In order to unlock the reward, your friend will need to complete the registration process for either the HFS Scholarship Program or HFS Full Access, either of our two Enrollment options.


As long as your friend is showing as pending in Refer-a-Friend, you will still be eligible for the referral reward as long as they ultimately register.


What if my friend never completes registration?

The pending referral is not typically removed for non-abusive reasons unless requested by the person referred for privacy/by request.

If they are no longer showing as pending in your refer-a-friend dashboard, it means they removed themselves from the referral program or the email was not valid and the email to complete registration was returned undeliverable.


What if they completed registration but the reward is still pending?

This is possible in cases where a referral has been flagged as potentially abusive OR a system error in our automated system. This happens on occasion and simply means an administrator must manually review the referral.

It is also possible if the friend you referred registered with a different email and the reward system is confused on how to reward. 

Reach out to support if a reward is pending more than 2 weeks and we'll do our best to walk you through this potential issue.


I had a referral that was pending and now it is no longer pending, and is not showing as rewarded either. What does this mean?

This typically means the email was invalid, the referral removed themselves from the referral program, or the referral was rejected for abuse (account registered and immediately abandoned).