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Unlocking the Curriculum and Class Hopping

Scholarship students are given a scheduled path through the HFS online class materials. 

Each lesson is released slowly to give students time to properly absorb and practice the information. 

Each lesson must be completed before the next lesson can be unlocked, and only once class is accessed at a time.

This is strictly for Scholarship students, of which we have a large number of witches enjoying this program at no financial expense.


As one lesson is unlocked at a time from the entire school, this might be frustrating to some witches that are more experienced, more advanced, or simply have specific topics they would like to learn about.


Full Access means immediate access to the entire HFS core curriculum.

Ability to skip any lesson and any class, without any requirements for previous lessons or classes being completed.


We give our Full Access Witches every possible consideration and benefit, for being the witches that make HFS online possible.


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