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Incomplete Founding Witch Payment Plans

This information pertains to those Founding Witches on Payment Plans (Prior to January of 2020) that have incompleted payments or have paused / cancelled their payments prior to HFS opening.

You may have opted to do this from within your account or the auto-charge failed a number of times and it was cancelled in our system to prevent additional bank errors.


Pandemic Update:

With the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis stretching around the world, I know that there are many people and families that are looking at their expenses and cutting back on what is not essential. HFS is a school with those limitations in mind, even before these global events took storm. Now, HFS is needed more than ever to bring magic into the lives of people. Through your support, we're doing our best to rise to this global challenge.
Your support has been and will always be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much for your support as a Founding Witch. 


Prior to September 1st, 2020

Please know that you can log into the student portal and update your payment information, restart your payments, or arrange a custom payment arrangement at any time.

As a Founding Witch, you will not lose your designation because you have elected to pause or postpone payments but you must make payment arrangements promptly.

Please contact the HeadWitch prior to September 1st to arrange a customized payment plan for your situation. 

We are asking for communication to help us know that it's your intention to complete those payments, so we don't mistakenly think you no longer want to be a Founding Witch.


After September 1st, 2020

Know that after September 1st, all payment plans that are incompleted that have been paused will be cancelled without the ability to reactivate from within the student portal. (Unless you have made arrangements already with the Headwitch).

Access will be converted to a Scholarship account.

Please reach out to the Headwitch to arrange a personalized payment plan that will best fit your situation if you would like to complete your payment plan. 

Founding Witches with incomplete payment plans have until December 31st, 2020 to communicate and arrange a payment plan.


After December 31st, 2020

Any Founding Witch Payment Plan that is incomplete and has not arranged a personalized plan with the Headwitch by December 31st 2020 will not be able to re-activate or arrange a personalized payment plan moving forward. Founding Witch Lifetime Access and any ability to transfer that lifetime access will be void and forfeit, with early access to HFS curriculum and past personal access to the HeadWitch serving as services rendered.


$1 Trial

If you paid a $1 trial in December 2019 and you did not make your first payment towards being a Founding Witch, your Founding Witch access / account is void as you did not make a single payment towards being an HFS Founding Witch. The first $1 was an authorization charge, not a payment. You are still eligible for the scholarship program and are able to participate in the Full Access options.


Incomplete Payment Plan & Did Not Transfer to new Student Portal in January 2020

Multiple emails were sent out to notify Founding Witches about the transition to the new payment system.

If you did not authorize your payments to continue through the new HFS student portal, your payments are not on schedule.

You have until December 31st 2020 to communicate a desire to continue your payment plan, otherwise your account will be void & forfeit. 

You are still eligible for the Scholarship program.


Paid in Full but Didn't Transfer to the New Student Portal

Please enroll in the new student portal as a Scholarship student using the email address you used for your original Founding Witch payment and contact the Headwitch directly via email. Your account will be upgraded to Founding Witch Lifetime Access immediately, upon verification.