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How does the Full Scholarship Program work?

The Wait List -

Based on resources & demand, HFS will sometimes pause enrollment for the Scholarship program and instead offer a wait list.

This happens when we have more scholarship students than we can support. When we have seats made available from students becoming inactive, from Full Access contributions expanding the program, or from students completing their scholarship program, then an email will go out offering that seat to the next student waiting.

If we have a healthy balance of scholarship students to Full Access students, there may not be a wait list and instead you can choose between enrollment programs immediately.


Enrollment - 

Scholarship students will tackle the entire HFS curriculum one class at a time. Classes will unlock each month. 

If a student does not log in to classes for 59 days or more, their seat will be automatically marked as inactive by the student portal and the seat will be offered to another student waiting. This prevents inactive scholarship seats that would be better utilized by excited new students. This was a problem for previous students as our wait lists got longer and longer, even though there were inactive seats not being fully utilized. Thank you for your understanding in our desire to make sure our scholarship program is being fully utilized to teach passionate new learners.

Limiting to one class per 30 days also keeps our online school from becoming overwhelmed by online demand (slowing down classes and resources), or from 'lesson skipping' and 'class hopping' to more interesting or advanced topics. We all understand that there are classes that you might find more interesting than others, but we want to emphasize a solid foundation in witchcraft. By slowing students down, one lesson at a time, we hope that it will keep students from both getting overwhelmed and from getting distracted with other 'shiny' classes or topics.

Scholarship students are encouraged to complete their classes on time so that the next class unlocks on schedule. If a student does not complete the currently available class, the future classes will be delayed in the schedule. For example, if you enroll in April and attend the class and your next class becomes available in May but you only get half way through it, your next class will not unlock. If you log back in around August and complete your May class, your next class will become available in September. Again, we are doing our best to keep students active in the scholarship program.


Scholarship students are always welcome to re-enroll from the beginning if they feel they have missed too many classes, or repeat an individual class if they've only missed one or two.


Should a student have the financial means, upgrading to Full Access at any time allows a student to unlock all HFS online classes, skip lessons, and class hop for as long as that student has an active monthly contribution.


We hope that we have found a happy balance between the desire for HFS witches to have a solid foundation of witchcraft and allowing students of all economic backgrounds to access this education while also allowing those witches with the financial means to support the school in exchange for full access, and the ability to skip lessons and class hop.

Please consider contributing to HFS if you believe in the community and resource we are building for a worldwide audience of witches.