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What is Transferable access?

Because HFS is a school that focuses on Traditional and Hereditary Witchcraft, it makes sense to offer our Founding Witches something valuable that they can pass down for generations. For that reason, Founding Witches are able to transfer their access for the life of the school to any witch of their choosing.


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Founding Witches have membership for the life of HFS, not just the life of the Founding Witch.

Founding Witch designation/status does not transfer but membership can be transferred, without tuition or fees.

Lifetime Membership is transferred with all the benefits of the original membership.

Can be transferred to a relative or a non-relative, can be willed, can be transferred while living.


This means the Lifetime Membership is transferable to anyone the Founding Witch selects, at any time.

A Founding Witch can transfer membership while living, but the membership cannot be shared.

Once a membership is transferred, it cannot be revoked.


The Founding Witch will keep their Founding Witch status, even after membership has been transferred.

Whichever witch receives the transferred Lifetime Membership will be given a separate designation, such as Legacy or another title, and will also be able to transfer that membership in the future to a witch of their choosing. A legacy witch will not replace or be added to the list of Founding Witches, once the school opens the Founding Witches list will be cemented and will be honored in all areas possible (We will get prior approval from each individual founding witch prior to any information being listed publicly. This aspect is our way of honoring our Founding Witches but is completely optional)


There is no limit to the number of times a membership can be transferred, but excessive transfers may flag a potential abuse of membership.


Membership can be transferred but cannot be shared between more than one person at the same time.

Any Memberships that are shared or sold will be terminated without refund, including Lifetime Founding Witch Membership.