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trouble logging into the app

If you are able to log into one area of the app but not another, then it's possible you have different log in credentials or have limited access.

For privacy reasons, we do not automatically enroll students into our private social network, HFS Coven.

For this reason, your student portal credentials will not automatically work in the Coven area of the app.


HFS Coven invitations are handled by the HFS Program software and invitations are only sent to students enrolled in either the HFS Full Access program or the HFS Scholarship program.

To enroll in an HFS program, please review our enrollment page: https://hekatesfinishingschool.com/enroll-today/ 

HFS Coven Invite & Credentials in the Mobile App

HFS Coven invites are sent to students enrolled in a full program, either Scholarship Program or the Full Access program.
It takes 24 hours for the invite to be sent after you've finished the Getting Started portion of the program and started the first class.

Log in credentials for the Coven and the Student portal are separate. If you would like for them to be the same, be sure to use the same log in credentials when you register for Coven as you have for the student portal.