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Incomplete Founding Witch Payment Plans
This information pertains to those Founding Witches on Payment Plans (Prior to J... more
How can I talk to a real person?
You can email support@HekatesFinishingSchool.com (mailto:support@hekatesFinishin... more
I would like to cancel a contribution
To pause or cancel your payments, you must log into the student portal here: htt... more
I'm having trouble logging in
Having trouble logging in can be very frustrating. First, are you logging into... more
What is the refund policy?
HFS has a no refund policy for several reasons. 1. All students are eligible fo... more
I'm enrolled in a class but can't access the class
If this is your first class, please check your email and set your password. Then... more
I can't find a class in my curriculum / class list
If you are a scholarship student, classes are made available gradually on a set ... more
I'm not enrolled in a class but would like to be
Be sure you are logged into your student portal. Find the class in your class li... more
Enroll button takes me to a payment page
Please make sure you are properly logged into the student portal. It this does... more
What does lifetime access mean?
Lifetime access means that a witch has access to HFS for the life of HFS. If H... more
What is Transferable access?
Because HFS is a school that focuses on Traditional and Hereditary Witchcraft, i... more
Does Lifetime Access pay a monthly contribution?
Lifetime Access is a one-time contribution prior to the opening of HFS. Witches ... more
How can I take a class over again?
There is no limit to the number of times you can retake a class. If you are a ... more
Will I be charged money or owe money if I lose my scholarship?
No. The Scholarship program does not require any payment information. The schol... more
How does the Full Scholarship Program work?
Enroll in the HFS Enrollment Information class You will be automatically entere... more
How do I get a full scholarship?
At HFS, anyone can enroll in our Full Scholarship program. No application or cre... more
Do I have to pay for individual classes?
HFS works on a class credit system. All classes, for Full Access and Full Sc... more
How to add a class
When you sign up for your first class at HFS, or sign up for more information on... more
What does the Curriculum focus on?
The HFS Curriculum is focused on traditional and hereditary witchcraft. HFS ... more
Why can't I see your class list?
Our class list and curriculum are not public. Only students see our class list ... more
Can I pay for access to a specific class?
No. If you have a specific class in mind, you are able to upgrade to Full Acces... more
If I upgrade to Full Access can I later go back to the Full Scholarship program?
Yes, as long as the Full Scholarship program is still available. Because a s... more
Is Full Access a one time payment or recurring?
Full Access is a recurring monthly contribution, it renews every 30 days. Yo... more
Unlocking the Curriculum and Class Hopping
Scholarship students are given a scheduled path through the HFS online class mat... more
I don't see my question
Look for the search bar/box option. Search for any question. more
How would a contribution be described on a bank statement?
For the safety and privacy of our students, descriptions of contributions on ban... more
What do I get by Pre-Enrolling or Enrolling today?
--------------------- Full Scholarship Pre-Enrollment ---------------- Full Sch... more
Where can I find the Facebook Group?
Facebook Group Community Access is free for all students, Full Access and Full S... more
Compare the different enrollment options at HFS
We have an easy comparison chart available. Click Here to compare Enrollment Opt... more
How much does enrollment in HFS cost?
Our Full Scholarship program is available for Enrollment now. Scholarship requir... more
Who can enroll in HFS?
Enrollment is open to anyone. more
When does Hekate's Finishing School open?
HFS officially opens in 2020. Full Scholarship students will be able to start ... more